Sunday, September 6, 2009

I Like Pretty

Unfortunately when buying items based on the "pretty factor" it has not always worked out well for me (or us). I start to read the information on a product and I completely go numb and glaze over. Seriously I am sure it is visibly noticeable.

When deciding on what baby items we would need with our new addition we figured LD was old enough to walk so we could get away with using the stroller car seat system we had with LD. It is pretty. Gray stroller and car seat with pink and grey little tiny flower patterned fabric. Being home with the kids and taking them to the mall, to the zoo and a few other places I have realized we were dead wrong about not needing a double stroller. LD is 3 1/2 and I have carried her down the hill at the zoo while pushing the big stroller every time we have gone to the zoo. The zoo in our area is on the side of a mountain. It is a great zoo but it is not so fun carrying a 35 pound child while pushing a huge stroller.

Now the problem is finding a stroller that will work long term. I know with LD I got sick of lugging the big stroller around and changed to the umbrella stroller. So do I buy a double umbrella stroller, a sit n' ride stroller, the double car seat system stroller or a double jogging stroller. I pretty much will not kid myself about the double jogger. So this still leaves me 3 options. Does anyone have a stroller suggestion? How do you research products you are interested in? Or do you just shot from the hip and find the wow factor?

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