Sunday, April 11, 2010

AL Turned 11 Months and a Scary Story

AL Turned 11 Months on the 6th.  Now that she is practically 1 year I thought I would post about it. ;)  Seriously I am going to have to get better at treading water.

AL is a sweet, sweet baby.  She loves to give hugs.  She can reach one hand to each shoulder and than she leans her head into your chest.  It is super sweet.  AL is by far the busiest baby I have ever had.  She has no fear.  LD has a step stool and if she leaves it out AL will climb on it to get into things.  If there is a mound of toys she will climb to the top of the toys to get into whatever she can.  Recently she has started crying when I leave her at daycare.  Which makes me sad.  She has also learned to throw a fit, which makes us laugh.  She sprawls on the floor crying with her super sad face with her head laying to the side and than she kicks her feet.  Tonight as I was checking a few blogs she decided she wanted to type and when I did not let her she did a stand up version by stomping her feet.  Again I laughed.  You can't help it - it is HYSTERICAL!!  She still only sucks her thumb occasionally it is so cute!

AL also has no interest in being a baby.  She does not like it when other kids try to help her do something she pushes them away and proves she can do it herself.  I am not sure where she got this type of behavior.  cough, cough. She also has little to no interest in baby food so more and more we have been cutting up big people food for her.  She works on it with her two lonely teeth.  On the hair and teeth front, only two teeth to report.  No teeth, no hair.  Poor baby!  This is what she has to say when her daddy asks when she is going to get more hair.

For the most part she drinks from the Nub sippy cups.  She also likes the sippy cups with two handles.

Onto the scary story; AL likes to pick things up that are cup shaped and drink from them.  I have an aroma simmer pot that sits behind the TV, which is pretty low.  I had no idea it was on, the scent probably ran out months ago.  I was on the phone with AM and I happened to look up and LD had picked up the simmer pot and went to drink it like a cup and the wax poured all over her.  I was so freaked out.  I felt horrible.  We do not have many flat areas, so there has not been much baby proofing to do and this thing is behind the TV so it is not something I see.  I was so nervous.  We ended up just putting cold towels on her body, which she was not happy about, but the skin did not blister.  We were so relieved.

This picture was taken after we had finished applying the towels.  You can see the wax still on her ear.  Again we feel so relieved it was not worse than what it was.  She was already back to her happy self.


  1. Happy 11 Months! That is a scary story-glad everyone is okay!!!

  2. Oh, wow, that is a scary story!!! I'm so glad AL is ok!