Sunday, April 18, 2010

Random Ramblings

I have so much going on in my mind I decided to just do one big random post.  I have been a single mom since Thursday and Oh.What.A.Ride.

- The "Incident" went like this; get to the mall with the kids, AL (11months) and LD (4) - no stroller.  I go in anyways - I'm tough. Right.  Get to the shoe store as I said as soon as the clerk brought us to the running shoes LD starts SCREAMING hear tummy hurts.  Should I remind you here how gross public bathrooms are and that I am carrying an infant?  I will save you the rest of the details.  So when I got home I could feel the stress aging me and I told my husband "these kids are the vampires of fun".  They are so fun to do stuff one-on-one with but it is very difficult to have 2 or more out in public.

-Thursday is hubby's first day away and AM has soccer practice at 5:30p.m.; I have a committee meeting for our May event at 4:30p; and there is the issues of getting the two little one's picked up from daycare and finding someone to watch them.  It was a complete exhausting circus!!
-Friday I stayed up until 11pm to get stuff ready for a baby shower I was hosting on Saturday.  At 11:30p.m. LD wakes me up saying she wet her bed, but she had a pull-up on so I couldn't figure out how that was possible.  SO I get her in the bath an clean up her room and the hall and anything else she touched.  That night LD ended up with 3 baths and me washing 3 sets of sheets.  She stopped throwing up at about 5:30a.m. and stopped rolling around moaning about 6:00a.m. and AL was up at 6:30 a.m.  Needless to say I did not make the shower my sister picked everything up and got it took care of everything.  My mom picked up AL for a while so I could get some rest.  LD had other plans so she roamed the house watching tv while I slept.

- Saturday I got some rest but I also got a lot of bleaching and laundry taken care of.  I love a freshly bleached home!!  I also got AM and I Chinese food.  Hubby hates Chinese so it was a treat for us.  I actually had a great day Saturday.  I sometimes make my families life so busy that we never just get to hang out and enjoy each other and we did just that this Saturday.

-Chinese food realization when I was done gorging eating I felt kind of miserable and possibly ashamed of what I had just eaten and a memory of childhood flashed.  I was the "good eater" in my family.  My two sisters were pains in the asses picky eaters.  So while we ate almost every meal as a family our meals mostly consisted of my mom and step-dad trying to get my sisters to eat.  So my flash was of me and my proud face when I had eaten everything.  Not feelin so proud these days! Weird how life changes.  I think this is one of the reasons I don't fight with my kids to eat.  If they aren't hungry they aren't hungry.

Here is my final rant.  A few months ago I was struggling because I had all of these emotions and felt like I had to be a certain way on my blog.  So I wrote a big long post about it.  Out of respect I sent it over to my editor (hubby).  What he sent me back really made sense.  (paraphrasing) "If you feel like you need to post this than do, but I see your blogging from both sides and what I like about it is that sometimes blogging makes you look at the good side of things.  So I never posted that post because I decided that's what I like about blogging too.  I tell some of my frustrating stories but I will keep my dirty laundry to myself.

The point of that most RANDOM story is that I am still struggling to get back to business with my good eating habits.  I am feeling a little overwhelmed these days.  So in true blogging spirit I am going to write post this week that outline my weekly struggles and how I plan on kicking those struggles in the behind!!!  So look out for my Kung Fu posts this week - because this chick is kicking butt and taking names!


  1. Aww I hope LD is feeling better! Yah for Chinese food. Okay this week, you and me back on the weight thing, logging into Fitness Pal on Monday, got it? If I could just lose 10 more pounds, I would be sooo happy! You know you can always vent to me. I'm so sad you didn't get to go to the baby shower!

  2. Mmm...Chinese food. Why is eating 'healthy' so hard??? Thanks for your comment on my blog. Those fudge bars sound delish, I'll have to check into them. I am already tired of being 'good'...;o)

  3. I can totally identify with the feelings of not wanting to air your "dirty laundry", but sometimes, others need to hear our struggles too, maybe just not all the time. I feel your pain in eating habits and look forward to your kung fu posts. I need someone to kick my butt!