Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Yes, I am so behind. I am feeling a little bogged down these days. I can't quite figure out why it seems to go in cycles. We had a wonderful Easter though!

The highlight had to be when LD whispered to us during church service "Jesus died for our sins on the cross, that cross" and pointed to the cross on the stage. It was pretty awesome and I will say it did not pain me one bit to write my check for daycare this week.

Friday night hubby and I decided we desperately needed a date night so we went out to my favorite mexican restaurant and then to see a movie. The movie we chose to see left something to be desired. I was in the mood for a chick flick but there was not one showing by the time we were done with dinner so we went to see Avatar.

On Saturday we got up early to bring AM to her soccer game and when we got home we discovered someone had spilled Mountain Dew on the hardwoods so we cleaned the main level. After we got the glue Mountain Dew was successfully cleaned up we colored eggs. This year we tried twos different type of coloring kits, a tie-dye and a marble. The tie-die was a lot of fun the marble - not so much. Here is LD and hubby working on a tie-dye egg.


I can't decide if in this picture LD is taking mental notes for when it is her turn or if she is critiquing her daddies technique.

Here is AM's contribution to this years egg coloring.  We all needed a nap so thank goodness she was gettting plenty of rest for all of us!  Way to take one for the team AM!!

Here are the results.
Some of the eggs we just dipped in the coloros.  I get bored about halfway through the process.  I have big dreams of lots of beautifully colored eggs and than get really bored when things start to get messy and my eggs aren't turning out quite as beutifully as Martha Stewarts trained professionals.  Than I realize - I am just going to crack them all open and make deviled eggs tomorrow - let's wrap it up people!

On Sunday we went to the early service and than to my sisters for lunch and an Easter egg hunt.

Here is a shortened series of me trying to get a picture of my kids and my two nephews.  I say shortened because this 5 shots out of the 12 I actually took.

This is were I gave up.  Since I started to feel like screaming profanities I figured - they won.  Go outside and find your eggs.  Geech.

And my final attempt at a picture with all of the kids to include my aunts grandkids.

Seriously how hard is it for a 14 year old girl to stay on task with getting her picture taken?

Oh well, we really had a great day.  The sun was shining and I got a lot of great individual pictures.  I also got some great shots of a trampoline war between AM and my older sister.  I will have to post those later.  Good to hear everyone in blogland had a great Easter too! 

Have a great rest of your week!


  1. That was so sweet what LD whispered to you during the church service, you must write it down in a memory book so she'll have it later on.
    Great pictures, I enjoyed them all.
    Thanks for sharing them Adie and have a great rest of the week.
    Hope we don't get that snow but that's springtime in Colorado!

    Margie :)

  2. The marble eggs turned out GREAT!!! Can't wait to see the tramp, I mean trampoline war pics!

  3. Girl! You need to set up your e-mail so that I can reply to your comments!! I go to reply to almost all of them and I get the "no-reply" message. :-)

    (And now I can't remember what I was going to say. Hold on, let me think...)

    Oh yeah!! I don't know how I ended up getting the Nest. I started with an account at the Knot, which transferred over the the Nest when I got married. I believe just having an account with their site and having your address in their system, they will send you one each quarter!

  4. Try not to feel SO bogged down. I've started blogging a lot less just to stay afloat!