Thursday, April 1, 2010

Hello, Goodbye

Sorry I have been away for a little while.  With all of the weather changes comes allergies and sinus infections for me - not fun to say the least.

I have been meaning to make this post for awhile but I was spurred to do it tonight by a discovery I made today.

While on my trip to New York in the beginning of March my phone died.  Well the trackball stopped selecting and some of the keys started sticking.  I had one of these and LOVED it.  Well in the machine type of way. ;) 
I had the red one, I could not find a good picture in that color. I had planned on just replacing it with another Pearl but my carrier has gone to a policy that if you have a data phone you must have a data plan. Well there was no way I could put a data plan to good use on that tiny screen so I went to this.

In the famous words of my friend Matt if a phone could be sexy - this thing is!!  I love my new phone!  And I am going to have to start a twelve step program soon.  Let me tell you I have put a hurting on that data plan!! 

I discovered one small draw back today.  I found a Google RSS Reader App for my phone so I have been catching up on all my long lost blog friends and commenting!  Commenting my little heart out I might say.  All along thinking this is easy I don't have to fill out all of those annoying verification comment boxes - Lovin This! (Said in a sing-song voice of course)  Well apparently friends while I thought I was lovin on all of your blogs I have not been.  I checked in real life today to make sure my comment made it to one blog and it sure wasn't there.  So while I thought I was being a great blogger on the other end, by commenting on everyone's blogs and getting all caught up even though I was ignoring my own.  In real life I was apparently not doing anything.  So I want to send out a big fat apology to everyone for not commenting lately!!  When I really was - just in the lazy on my iPhone app kind of way and now I've been had.  So I promise to do it the old fashion way - until I can figure out the technology way!  haha 

I have to tell you there is nothing like going to the gym with your ipod in and your iphone so you can read all of your favorite blogs!  Yes I realize I could burn all of my music to my iphone but if I had that kind of time than I probably would not have been blog cheating, my blog would not be so lacking and I would be taking up precious app space!!  Real Estate people! ;)

All-in-all best purchase in a very long time.  Love.IT!!  Highly recommended.


  1. So jealous! I want an I-phone. I've noticed on my I-touch, the same thing, I'll leave a comment but it won't show up...weird! Happy Easter girl!

  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my iPhone. It is my favorite new toy ever!!! I love playing Words With Friends. I'm addicted. It is so nice to have everything I need right at my finger tips!

  3. Careful, the IPhone is completely addictive. My husband asks me all the time to come back from IWorld. ;-)

    I wanted to thank you for your comment today. It not only meant a lot to me, it also made me smile, which feels a little too rare right now! Thank you!

  4. I got your latest comment!
    Thank you!
    Miss you too!
    Enjoy your IPhone!

    Margie :)

  5. Oh wow, that is funny funny! You ARE missed though, just so you know.

  6. I'm so jealous! I've been wanting an iphone forever now. But my company bought and paid for my blackberry (and since it's free) that'll just have to do for now. Enjoy your new toy!