Friday, April 9, 2010

Someone Please Make the Screaming Stop.....

.....Oh right that's me.

Ladies I have been on a mission to lose weight. The last two weeks I have not done so well. My back has been KILLING me. It hurts to do anything, including breathing, unfortunately it is unaffected by eating. Boo.

Sadly I think a little; okay probably a good portion of the pain is from lugging this cute little baby around.


The fact is I should not be carrying around a 20 pound baby in a car seat with a handle. But this mommy would like her to remain a baby. Except now I am leaning towards a little walking. With my back I can hardly pick her up.

My secret is this; I carried AM around until she was about 4. She walked of course but I would still carry her a lot more than I should have. The only reason I stopped was that I was hit by a drunk driver and couldn't carry her. Now LD is 4 and I still carry her a lot and I carry a 20 pound baby in a car seat so all in all we can say my back pain is really my own fault. I just really like to carry my kids.

So my little baldy is going to get a big girl car seat today - something I should have done MONTHS ago.  Does anyone else have any of these things they do for their kids or someone they love they know they shouldn't but do anyways?  Or am I the only crazy lady out there?  Wait don't answer the last part....


  1. My 4 year old niece runs up to me as soon as I walk in the door & will ask me to pick her up. Her parents have their hands full with 3 kids, so picking up a 4 year old when she doesn't need to be isn't high on their list. So I can't help it. It helps that she only weighs 28 lbs. My 2 year old niece weighs 30 lbs and is so solid that I hardly ever pick her up! I hope they don't grow up thinking I have a favorite!! :-)

    Oh, and you were hit by a drunk driver?!

  2. OMG! That is a such a cute picture of you...okay, sidetracked back to the topic at hand. babies here to pick up, my niece and I are more like sisters so I don't pick her up too much, we're too busy being cool little chickadees (well one of us is little). I think you're doing great on your weight loss journey. We all slip up here and there (I type this as I finish my Pringles with dinner) but the main thing is we get back on track and stick with it. You can do it girl!!! OH! But I would totally milk it from hubs and make HIM carry the baby.

  3. It was hard for me too to move on from the carrier, but I was also having some trouble with my back and couldn't take it anymore.

    You will actually find that the convertible seat is pretty good. Plus they get to sit forward facing now!

    Good luck!

  4. That pic, um awesome. You should totally crop it and post it as your profile pic. You look that amazing. I'm trying to lose as well. Keep at it, keep heart. You. Can. Do. It. As for lugging Gooner around, I got over that. :)