Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Where's the Button I Really Need?

I have been on a hunt for running shoes.  My shins have been killing me and I am sure it is because I am mostly working out in shoes I wore during pregnancy, i.e. shoes that endured a whole lotta weight and are broken down.  This has not been a fun experience.  When I was on my trip in March I went to a running store in Reston Town Center and the sales guy did a running anlaysis.  He said that I needed a neutral running shoe - no stability.  So last night I go to the store and tell the lady I need a neutural running shoe , she says "what do you mean".  I look at her and say, "I don't know what I mean, that is what I was told. I assume it means something less concerned with stability and more with cushion".  Than there was an incident which I will discuss another time and so we left.

Before I went to the gym last night I snuck off to Marshalls and bought the same pair of Saucony's that I already had.  But since they were new they were white and not grey - you know because they are new.

Not the cutest or fanciest shoe but for $35 who can complain.  As I mentioned last week was not my most faithful gym week.  So while I was standing under the ominous humming flourescents at Marshalls staring at this most boring of shoes I made a fiscal, goal oriented decision.  Get this cheap boring shoe now, set a mile/training goal and than I will get this shoe when I reach it.

I saw these beauties in this months Fitness issue.  Yes it is a mild stability shoe not a neutral shoe but I love the colors.  I went to the Nike site to check them out and could not find them.  They had all of these buttons, for sport, stability, training, on and on.  Where is the "Cute and Want To Get Skinny" button?  I don't want to be a shoe expert I just want to do a little exercising and have cute feet while I am doing it.

Now if I was celebrating the old school way I would have gone for these.

Actually I am not going to go there.  So let's just focus on the cute shoes!


  1. Since they are really "walking" shoes, I wonder if you start running if your shoes will be like, nope sorry lady, I only walk. Sauconys are great workout shoes and for only $35!!! They told me the other day that a pair of shoes will get about 300 miles out of them. I agree, love those colors of the second shoes.

  2. I'm going to need new running shoes here soon. I want to know "the incident." To be honest, I genuinely HATE running stores. I've been a jogger for what, 6 years now and they always make me feel stupid and terrible.

  3. you've set a great goal for yourself!!! those nike's look fantastic. i think they'd make you run faster and farther!!! i want some now, too! : )