Friday, March 26, 2010

Tales From The Gym

Last night I got to the gym and after several days of not being able to find my ipod I FINALLY found it. I settled in for my workout and instantly knew it would be a good one as Tall Paul and Jonny Vicious kicked me off!! I LOVE to workout to dance music! Also on the playlist last night was a little Dave, Sugarcult, Joe Strummer, Travis and Madonna. I had a GREAT workout.

I have been spending a LOT of time at the gym lately. Recently I have been disappointed in the gym that I go to. After my pregnancy I had lost my membership card and frankly after 3 years of membership and 2 years of volunteering my time to coach a Volleyball team I felt like they could just give me a new card. Um apparently the feeling was not mutual so for months there was a "silent" battle between me and one of the guys that worked there. I would come in and not have my membership card and I would get huffs and puffs from him as he had to look me up in the computer. It was a hugely annoying situation and I honestly was not going to back down on my position. Why should I have to pay for a new card? I felt like I had been a member long enough to receive a new one for free. His fits became so similar to that of my teenage daughter I finally mentioned it to somebody. Yes I did play a role in it but guess what - I am the customer. Sorry for making you do your job. The lady I mentioned it to, guess what, gave me a new card.

The new trouble was this, for a few months now the scale in the woman’s locker room has been noticeably broken. Not leveling at 0. So I just kept quite hoping that someone else would mention it to a staff member. Nobody did so about 2 weeks ago I mentioned it to a staff member and she said yeah I don't think it has ever been calibrated but lucky you I think it weighs light. I am going to over look the fact that she thinks I need the good fortune of the scale weighing light. Really I am on a mission and need a reliable source. So I wait and wait (yes a few weeks is torture waiting for me) and last night I finally say something to a lady I have never seen before. She was so nice about and I am hoping it will get fixed. Who knew so much went into fixing a scale? How does everyone else handle these types of situations? I feel like saying something I am singling myself out. I have had many customer service oriented jobs and I know it can stink but you are providing a service.

Onto the people watching of it all. There is a lady that is at the gym most nights at the same time I am. She is on the same treadmill every night right up at the mirrors. I am assuming she is listening to some sort of praise worship music because she holds her hands up and is moving her mouth with her eyes closed. The night before my phone rang interrupting my music that was playing through the phone so I could actually hear what was going on around me. I had no idea until that moment she was not just moving her lips but there was actual LOUD sound coming from her mouth - she was singing out loud the music she was listening to. Part of me thinks it is hysterical, the other part of me admires that this woman can stand at the front of the gym, in front of all of the wall of mirrors, running on a treadmill, worshipping Jesus, not caring what anyone else thinks. Seriously that is one tough lady! I won't even use a machine up at those mirrors!

This weekend will be a busy one. We have a birthday party and than I am taking AM and LD to Denver to the Butterfly Pavilion and to do a little shopping. What does everyone else have planned?


  1. At our place, you can get a new card when you renew every year. The rule is if you lose your card you have to buy a new one (unless it's at your renewal). However, our big boss doesn't make us enforce it so now we have a huge line of people waiting for us to look up their number because no one brings it anymore-less hassle for them!

    Sometimes I catch myself singing out loud when working out-oops! Glad you found your Ipod-doesn't it make the time go by faster?

  2. Oh my...I can't imagine myself singing in front of others!

    And that was so rude of the guy not giving you a card! That would be so annoying!