Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sunburn and 10" of Snow

So I have my first official sunburn.  Hubby says it is not a sunburn but a UV bulb burn - details, details.  I usually do not tan.  I have VERY fair skin (like glowing white) and a not so good family track record for skin cancer.  So I try to stay clear of the sun and it's brother the tanning bed. 

That being said with my recent work towards weightloss and the possibility of a summer vacation involving a bathing suit I decided a tan was the way to go.  In the past a tan helped fade my stretch marks.  Of course I was younger and had a lot less of them.  I know what all of the studies show about the dangers of tanning in the sun and in a bed but in my opinion having a base tan to prevent myself from extreme burns while out in the sun this summer is a good option for me.  I am very good about putting on sunblock throughout the day and I still get burnt everytime - severly burnt.  I tanned for 6 minutes yesterday and have a burn going down the center of me.  Let's just say I was not excited to put my bra on this morning and considered wearing my sports bra to work.  Does anyone else tan?  I always hear woman say it makes them feel slimmer.  This is one of the reasons I am doing it.  The optical illusion of slim until I am officially there.

Onto more Colorado weather news.  The forecast is calling for more snow as in 10 inches of snow.  So I will have a sunburn while it is snowing.  How strange will that be?  Welcome Spring time!!  We better not get Gipped out of summer again this year!!


  1. I agree that having a tan just helps you "feel" skinnier! I need to go again just to warm up my skin...I am starting to get a little colorless here!

  2. You know I wish I could tan!!! I tend to get addicted and become tanerexic when I do though. Girl, go for the sports bra! When I had poison I didn't even wear a bra! Hello built in bras in the tank...you are my best friend, well that and a baggy shirt!