Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A Bissell Rave

Okay so I rant a lot on my blog.  Today I want to rectify that just a little with a huge RAVE for Bissell.

As I have mentioned I had my own cleaning business for about 2 years.  I enjoyed the flexibility and I made pretty good money.  It was not good for my cuticles.  When I first started cleaning I bought one of these.

Love this thing. It cleans great. I use it on my tile at home and when I cleaned I used it on linoleum. I have used it on my wood floors but I don't suggest it. And DO NOT use it on laminate floors.

I needed new mop head covers, they are generally $19.95 for a 2pack and I have yet to find them in a store. A few weeks ago I found them on bissell.com for $9.95 for the 2pack so I ordered them and when I went to pay I kept getting an error. I was hugely frustrated because it said the price was good while supplies lasted. I was starting to panic. So I emailed Bissell and a few days later I get an email stating they were just going to mail me some out. I was never charged and they mailed me a 2 pack that I received days after I received the email. Just when I had given up hope on the big companies a company like Bissell does something like this - you know - great customer service! I thought customer service was dead. This was WAY above and beyond.  It was a GREAT experience.  Thank you Bissell!!


  1. That's awesome!!! And an even better price. My in-laws run a cleaning company too!

  2. I'm so hooked on my vacuum. I love cleaning the filter and seeing all the dirt!

  3. Awesome! I have wanted a steam mop for a while! Now I know a good one to get!!