Saturday, March 20, 2010

When Did My Friends Turn Into Old Ladies?

As I mentioned it snowed yesterday here in Colorado.  yesterday was also Stamp Club night.  My two friends from Denver where supposed to carpool down and meet me for dinner than we would head to Stamp Club.  These ladies are my two closest friends and we rarely see each other.  So here is the email I received Thursday evening from BB (my best friend whose wedding in Mexico we went to last July).

"As a precaution, I hear we are supposed to get between 5-10 inches of snow.  If it does start snowing or show sign I will have to bail. :(   We can play that by ear. 
But if the weather keeps up and passes us by I would love to ride together and meet beforehand for dinner.  I am off work at 4:30pm." 
and then AT's follow-up email first thing Friday morning
"Well, so far it doesn't look good for driving down later.  I will check back in around 3pm for a final decision."
and BB's response
"I know...they say we are going to get 5-10 inches.  It doesn't look good at all. 
and tomorrow is the first day of Spring.  Lies all lies!  :)"
and finally my response
"I am breaking up with both of you.  I can't believe neither one of you is willing to risk your lives to spend a few hours with me!!
PS the twelve year old girl side of me (yes she still exists - she is the one that fights with AM) is SO NOT KIDDING!!!!!! ;)"

The responding consensus was that we needed to move up to Denver.  I get lost in Denver - I don't think that is a smart plan.

Please keep in mind 2 things - #1 - ALL 3 of us learned to drive in Colorado and in our younger days would have driven to any good party worthy event under ANY weather conditions at ANY distance.  #2 - WE ARE COLORADANS!!!  It Snows.

Now here we are 3 old ladies only getting together once a month for dinner and stamp club.  Okay so the source of my fit is truley that I don't get to see these awesome woman nearly as much as I need to.  Here is a picture of us tearing it up at the Madonna concert last year.  Not really tearing it up, AT and I were pregnant.

Miss you ladies!



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  1. I know exactly what you mean! It's the same here in New England.