Friday, March 12, 2010

Look Who's 4

LD turned 4 yesterday.  And because it seems I am behind in everything in life right now, I suppose it is only fitting that I am behind in doing this post.

I bought her a cute outfit for her big day.  At daycare they had a party for her.  Staurday she will have a birthday party at Chuck E Cheeses.  I usually do parties at our house but I did not want to do the stressful panic cleaning the night before and than the dreaded after party cleanup.  So Chuck E Cheeses here we come!

 Here are a few pictures of the birthday girl.  LD has fine hair like her mommy and here in Colorado it is dry which makes it a little staticky.

These pictures were taken first thing in the morning.

This was taken while opening her presents - it was picture 50 maybe - a little sick of pictures.
So here she faked one last picture for me.

Happy Birthday sweet girl!!


  1. Happy birthday LD! All the cool kids are born in March!!!

  2. Yes all of the cool kids are born in March! ;)

  3. Oh my goodness- she is adorable. I love her cute outfit too.

  4. My cool kid was totally born in May! It looks like a fun party! I could totally go for some pizza about now!

  5. Belated greetings to that sweet one!
    She is so beautiful!

    Margie :)