Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Updates and Helpful Tip

Springtime in the Rockies - Storm update:

This is what it looked like last night when I got home from the gym.  Keep in mind, when I went into the gym the ground was completly clear.  When I came out it was like an ice storm.  The pellets stung my face, I was instantly grateful my face was not sun burnt!

Here is what we woke up to this morning - and it is still snowing.

So needless to say I am at home with the kiddos today.  Normally I would be excited but I had planned on taking Friday of so I could bring AM and LD to Denver to go to the Butterfly Pavillion and than shopping.  Looks like I will have to miss church and go Sunday. (and ask for forgivness the following Sunday.)

With my day off I am doing what anyone would do on a snowday during a spring snow storm - spring cleaning.  It is slow going.  A certain baby sure likes her mommy - in LARGE doses.

Does anyone else have a ton of these around their house?

I have been saving mine so a friend of mine can make me another one of these,

Can you tell what it is? 
A Christmas tree made of baby food jars, tinsel, a string of lights and some ribbon to line the outside.  Pretty cool huh?

Well I have well exceeded the 17 jars I need for this project but it feels so wasteful to toss those jars and containers in the trash.  Turns out my nephews kindergarten class uses them to divide up large containers of paint.  So I will be donating a good portion of mine to the school.  Check with your local elementary schools, or daycare centers to see if they can put these items to good use. 
The square plastic one's are also usefule for jewlery or makeup drawers. 

Happy Tuesday - hope everyone is warmer than I am! 
If you are in a nice warm climate send please some warm thoughts my way!


  1. If I lived closer I would totally take those off your hands! I'm a packrat for anything I can use to make a craft out of-hubs hates it!!! I can't believe all that snow and it's almost April!!!

  2. Ugh, no one should have to deal with snow THIS long into March!! I'll send some sunny 70s your way!