Sunday, August 30, 2009

Ahhh Sweet Release

After what seems like forever trying new things (and doing a lot of whining) we have finally gotten a little break in LD's sleeping issues. We have not had a night terror episode since shortly after my post about night terrors. We tried several different things to get her to go to sleep nothing seemed to be working until last week.

Have you noticed when you get most desperate you come up with the most sensible solutions? Here is what worked - a "Good Girl Chart". LD loves it when we tell her she is being a good girl or that we are proud of her. On the Good Girl Chart I made columns for the days of the week and than made rows for each daily activity. There are just a few, she is only 3 and as much as would have liked to add things like; did the dishes, swept the floor, vacuumed and dusted, I decided to start out slow. So her daily responsibilities are; stayed dry all day, good bedtime, good nap time, picked up toys, brushed hair and teeth. She has done really good earning her stickers. I also made the stickers by punching hearts out with my heart punch and running them through my sticker maker. She isn't as into making the stickers as I thought she would be but she loves her chart and each week she earns a toy for "lots" of stickers.

There is an initial small fit when putting her to bed and the pick up toys category has yet to get a sticker but I learned a long time ago to choose your battles. The other items on the list are much more important to me. Do you have chores for your kids? What are some of their chores? If you do not have children, did you have chores as a child? What were they?


  1. Great news about the sleeping issues.
    So glad this is working well with the "Good Girl Chart."

    And what a sweet, precious good girl you have!


  2. Glad the good girl chart is working! I have no idea what to do about chores with kids. My mother always had us to "helping feet" where we would put what she asked us to put away fro 15 minutes or so. The house cleaned up fast- but when we got older- we were not so helpful. I don't know why.