Saturday, August 8, 2009

Summer Fun - On the Cheap

With me staying home we are trying to cut back. I have to say in some aspects it is kind of fun. Did I just say cutting back is fun? Yes actually I did. It sounds strange but when you are not always thinking about the price of things you do the typical things, amusement parks, shopping, movies, going to returants - the expensive things. And frankly doing any of these things no longer feels like a treat. Trying to find inexpensive things to do actually forces a person to be creative and to do some research.
As I have said I have been home with the girls this summer. Finding things to do for a 13, 3 and 3 month old is not easy. AM (13) really likes to just hang out with friends so I do not have to entertain her often, that is mostly a chaufering gig. I still want to make sure we all do things together. So with LD I have been taking her to different neighborhood parks. I actually drive around looking for them. This is pretty fun I have to say.
Two weeks ago we drove up to Arvada to see one of my dearest friends. We went to an indoor recreation center in her neighborhhod. We had such a great time! The older kids played in the deeper pools and the bigger water slides and LD played in the kid area. My friend was kind enough to switch with me watching LD and watching the babies. The best part is all of the kids had a great time and it cost $5 - $6 per person!

Just a little background before the pictures. Our oldest kids are a few months apart. And we were pregnant at the same time with the newest babies and we had them on the same day! How weird is that? So here are some pictures of our day. I just have pictures of the younger kids. I did not feel comfortable posting pictures of the older kids in their swimsuits.


  1. Oh my! they are so cute!The swimming pool looks like fun!

  2. One does not have to spend a lot of $ to have fun!
    Good for you, Adie!

    And, love the pictures!