Saturday, August 29, 2009

I am Such A Dreamer

As I have mentioned things around here have been out-of-control crazy. I have been saying, I will do this and that when things settle down after the holidays. Well now we are headed back into the holiday season and guess who has not settled down. Eek! I am starting to accept that one more child can add this much more to your life and this is just how life will be - for the next 18 years. Eek again.

I remember when the holidays were my "busy season" and things would actually calm down after the holidays. Oh well truth be known I like being busy. I also like breaks, thank goodness the hubby and I have a Vegas trip planned for October. We need it!

The busier I get the more I day dream. I love to day dream. About traveling mostly and what my home will look like when the kids are gone and I turn each of their rooms into places for me (CLOSETS!). Maybe a smoking lounge. Just kidding I don't smoke - but there are days I consider it.

I have big dreams of holiday projects, I will share them as we start doing them. Did anyone else notice some of the craft stores putting out Christmas stuff last month? Apparently they have given up on summer just like I have - on to the holidays.

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