Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Hello - Anyone There?

Yes I am here but I am BUSY! I have not been posting often lately, sorry. It has been crazy but I think things will settle down soon. What I mean by settle down is there will actually be a set schedule. I can handle almost anything - as long as there is a schedule.

Before I had the baby I had my own cleaning business. I was not going to go back to work but have decided to take back a few of my houses. I actually really like the alone time involved in cleaning and the houses I clean are all people I have known a long time. On top of this I was offered a position doing bookkeeping/office tasks. It is a great position with a non-profit organization that provides children tutoring for reading. I am really enjoying the work so far and my co-workers. A great part of the job is that I can do 90% of the work from home. So I will be at the office a few hours 1 day a week and clean 2 days a week. SO the girls will be in daycare 2 days a week. This is a great arrangement because my daycare provider does a great preschool program so LD will have school 2 days a week. I also love planning special things to do 2 days of the week versus 5.

So this is where I have been I have some post ideas for this week to include the miracle cleaning solution - that is green!


  1. I'm definitely interested in a good green cleaning solution! Can't wait for the details! :)

  2. Hi Adie
    You are so very busy!

    I look forward to the miracle cleaning solution!
    That I can really use!

    Drop by for a visit as I have a poem up that I know you will enjoy!


  3. Congratulations on the jobs! I am glad you are liking them. How do they like daycare?