Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Back To School (BTS)

It is Back To School time. Today AM gets back from her trip to DC. Sounds like she had a lot of fun and she got to do a lot of her BTS shopping in our nations capital.

Back to school time is almost like the holidays, so much to prepare for. School clothes shopping, supply shopping and than trying to cram in some last minute summer fun.

I always have big dreams of life settling down at some point but it just never seems to. A lot of that is my fault. My husband has stated that if I see a 10 minute gap in our schedule I will decide to re-shingle the roof. Yes I am that bad. I don't know if it is because I am getting older or if it is because we now have a family of 5 but I am feeling very overwhelmed these days. I just can't seem to keep up like I used to. When I feel overwhelmed like this I really crave making lists and making schedules. So with school being back in session next week I am going to attempt to really set priorities about what I commit myself too and setting a schedule and even set some goals. How do you remedy being overwhelmed? What are some of the things in your life that start to overwhelm you?


  1. Oh my gosh...I am totally overwhelmed by my house lately! I used to be so anal about keeping everything super clean and organized. I'm not really sure where that person went. I kinda wish she'd come back, cause I just can't seem to keep up! And my lovely lazy family isn't helping matters at all. I can't keep up with all their messes. I mean really, would it kill 'em to put their dirty clothes IN the laundry hamper rather than on the bathroom floor? Can I get a witness?


  2. So weird- I am totally feeling overwhelmed right now too! Which is so weird- because I have a one bedroom apartment and no kids! But my life has seemed so weird lately- I am trying to juggle two mentalities- one- stay at home wife- where I do my stuff and make Chris' life easier. And two- job searching fiend- where I look and apply for jobs like mad. However- I have been trying to do both and instead have done neither. So last night Chris and I talked and I am getting it figured out- but I wanted to do it all in one day- and that just isn't going to happen.

    Sorry I totally just took that space for my own rant.

    also- I have been thinking about the cookbook thing. I just don't know if anyone would want to buy what they can get for free online. Maybe I am just scared to put myself out there to get rejected.

    again- sorry for making this about me. This is your blog!

  3. Currently having people over. Everyone wants to come and hang out and have barbecues and I just want to relax.