Saturday, August 1, 2009


I have been loving being home with my kids. I feel almost like a Domestic Goddess. Haha, it even makes me laugh typing it. I am more like a Domestic Drunk. No no I don't drink all day. What I mean is I feel like I am just stumbling around trying to do all the right things - like dancing. Yes I clean, I cook. But is my house ever clean? Is there dinner on the table? I am sure the answer to both of these questions is yes a lot more than I feel it is yes. I try, really I do. As soon as the last load of laundry is done, someone changes for bed. As soon as the last glass is washed and the dishwasher is started, some one has finished their milk. *Sigh* What are you going to do but keep washing clothes, keep doing dishes, and keep fixing dinner. It is a big pill to swallow for someone like me. The moral of the story? These chores will always be around but your kids will not. Enjoy your kids, not only will they only be little once but it really does not last as long as you would like. I don't mean to be depressing, I just mean - Remember to Enjoy It!


  1. what you've said is true -- the time you spend with your girls is what matters and it is precious because it's gone so fast.

    thanks for stopping by and for your comment... maybe someday your girls will bake with you ;)

  2. Loved this post & it made me smile :)
    When my kids were little I so enjoyed every little moment I had with them!
    I was so lucky to be able to be at home with them...I consider that a true blessing in my life!
    As I look back upon those days that passed much too quickly, I just smile & know I have the best children in the whole world!
    I miss those days but have the most wonderful memories!

    Treasure your days with your kids & don't worry about the housework, as it wiil always be there...but your kids will not!

    You know what is important in always comes first!
    I'm proud of you, Adie!

  3. Oh so true. I feel like I should be getting so much more done during the day because I'm home, but I would so much rather play with my little man!

  4. It is so hard being at home. I was laid off last fall and was home with my now 3yo and 18mo and I was so stressed. There is so much pressure to keep them occupied at all times, plus clean, cook, shop and keep everything all together. I was only home with them for 5 months but let me tell you, it was an eye opener. I started having cocktails at dinner just to destress. I am now back at work and miss them so much.
    Just enjoy the time you have with them. No one says you need to be perfect!

    By the way, I bought my fabric on ebay. I looked for "squares". But I think I saw it a little cheaper on Etsy. Can't wait to see what you make!!!