Thursday, August 27, 2009

Super Clean - Super Green

**EDITED** See below.
As I mentioned on Tuesday I wanted to share with you a product that I use ALL the time. When I first started cleaning it was a gift from a friend who has cleaned houses for many years. This thing is AWESOME!! Many of my clients have purchased their own and they last a very long time. I have had mine for about 2 years now. It is called The Super Cloth - seriously it is Super. The best part is you do not use chemicals with it and you can use it to dry things like tubs and sinks after you clean them. So no more paper towels either.

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On Sunday hubby had to go into work so I started to clean. It is so easy to clean with this Super CLoth that I ended up cleaning my windows throughout my house and even the window sills. The Super Cloth cleans windows and mirrors with just a few swipes and does not leave streaks. It cuts down on cleaning time by a big margin.

How to use: Rinse in water and squeeze out excess water. You do not need to use chemicals.
What to use it on: You can dust with the super cloth, use it on tile in the shower, mirrors, fixtures, windows. I also use mine on on the TV and Computer screen but I make sure the cloth has been rung out very well. You can also dry things after you clean them.
Warning: If not rinsed and laid out to dry it can start to smell. You can use a little dish soap or hand soap to freshen it up.

I promise you will NOT regret this purchase. I have touched on some of the uses for the Super Cloth, if you have one already let me know what you use yours on. When you get yours let me know other ways you use the Super Cloth.

What it is: The Super cloth is made of Polyamide base. It feels like rubber/micro suede. That is the best description I can think of. It works almost like a squeege to wipe water towards a drain. It does absorb water, so as you dry an area you wringe it out to get rid of the excess water and continue drying. I believe the reason it works so great on so many surfaces is because of the texture of the material. The texture is soft enough to be used on windows, mirrors, computer screens, tv screens and tile. It gently scrubs off things such as soap scum on tile or toothpaste off of a mirror. The cloth also works great on shower doors! After you have cleaned an area you just rinse, wringe out and keep going. I hope this information helps.


  1. WOW!
    It sounds amazing & I am going to get it!
    Thanks, Adie!


  2. Acccckkkkk...I NEED one of these bad! Maybe it would make me want to clean more often???

  3. What is it exactly? Like a towel that soaks up a ton of water? how does it clean?

  4. If anyone is looking for a place to buy these, please check out my "SUPERCLOTH Shop" online store. I have used these for years, and loved them so much that I wanted to become a distributor for the company. I ship anywhere in the Continental U.S. with free shipping.