Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Wisdom Wednesday

Okay today's wisdom is more of a pattern I have noticed on other blogs. I think it is a great idea and really could encourage us all to get a little more done in a day. So how many people have become a slave to their reader, or their email or their FB/Myspace account? I have! Yes not proud of it but I certainly have and you know what happens? I turn into a zombie! I swear I can not get off the couch. The walls around me could fall in and I would still want to clear out my reader! It is great that I have found so many fabulous blogs, but I need to do something about sitting around. So today I am shutting down my computer and will not turn it back on until Friday - Saturday if I can - but realistically Friday. Yes I am getting cold feet as I type this but it must be done! I know we are all busy but we should all make an attempt to get away from the computers and the TV and enjoy our final days of summer. (Although I am in Colorado and still waiting for summer). Good luck to everyone, I am off to find stuff to do with the kids!


  1. Very good advice!
    Too much time on the computer is not goood!
    I've weaned myself away from it a lot lately & it feels GOOD!

    TC, Adie!
    Have a great day with the kids!

  2. Amen. I truly had to make some changes in my life as well. I put up restrictions on my internet time. eeep. My daughter needs me!