Sunday, January 10, 2010

AL is 8 Months!

Look at this face.  I just love to squeeze her!!  She is the happiest baby you will ever meet and you will rarely see her without a huge smile on her face.  I can't believe in four months she will be 1!!

Right now AL is busy learning to crawl.  She is not super good at it yet but some how she can get herself across the room.  It is mind boggeling.  AL has to have prunes mixed with every meal or she just won't eat.  I swear I gave birth to an old lady.  She can say "hi", "mama", "dada" and "baba".  This is one of my favorite ages.  They just start to develop so fast!


  1. CUTE!! :) I saw your comment on my blog. Not sure what MyPoints is all about...Is it surveys? Swagbucks is basically a search engine (where you earn stuff), similar to Google or Firefox.

  2. Awesome! Gooner is right behind her, but not saying ANYTHING. I think it is because we speak French and English to her. I don't know...