Monday, January 18, 2010

Gifts For Men

Our anniversary is days before Valentines Day, so we wrap both into one.  My problem is that I am NOT a good gift giver.  I lack creativity and I am not much of a browser when I go to a store.  So I was poking around on the internet today trying to come up with some ideas.  I actually decided to search "valentines gifts for men".  I did this because some of my favorite places to shop often have gift lists for men and women.  So the first link was a men's magazine gift list.  Tell Me if this list seems odd to you.

  • Magazine subscription
  • DVD's
  • Bar Set
  • Champagne & Truffles
  • Grooming Products.

This is where I stopped reading the list.  Am I just out of touch or does this seem weird to anyone else?  Yes DVD's but boring!  The other items my husband would not be excited to receive. And grooming products?  For your man - on Valentines day?

(*list from


  1. I've never been very good at deciding on gifts out of the blue for my husband. What I do is listen over time and make little notes in my planner on items he says he would like to have. Other than that gift cards to their favorite stores work too. :) XOXO

  2. sex? hahaha - jk

    Just wanted to let you know that my mom left you a camera comment on my blog. Under the toilet paper post :-)

  3. My husband requested Reese's! His fave.

  4. My explorer kept crashing..sigh..Anyways, I'm bad at gifts too! I always always buy clothing items for my hubby..haha.. =P
    Btw, I would really appreciate your help re. calling Anna's hospital. Could you please? Thank you sooooo much.. =)

  5. Hey Adie,
    Thanks for the nice comment!! =) You can have the pictures if you want. I can send them to your email, just tell me which ones. =D
    Here's Anna's website.

    Thanks for helping, Adie. Really appreciate it =)

  6. Adie,
    I can't seem to find your email address. Can you perhaps send it to me? Thanks.