Saturday, January 30, 2010

Girls Night Out

Okay, I was invited to a girls night out tonight and honestly I don't and didn't want to go.  I was originally meeting a friend for lunch, we were meeting halfway because she lives in Denver.  She had to reschedule and I mentioned the girls night out to her and so we decided to go.

I used to LOVE going out - I was always out.  I am a busy body and social (that may be an understatement).  For whatever reason I just did not want to go.  Now I am starting to get ready and I really do not want to go.  I am sure I will have a great time and I need the interaction with my friends but for some reason I just want to hang out at home.

I am going, so wish me luck!  Does anyone else feel this way sometimes?


  1. Hope you had a nice girls night out!
    It's good to get out with the girls!


  2. All.the.time!!! I used to be such a social body and now I'm a total home body...hope you had a good time!