Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Ham Roll Recipe

Okay while this is super funny it is NOT a joke.

My workouts have been going great but the diet side of things - not so much.  So I did what any frustrated dieter does and I joined the website of the diet.  One of the items on todays menu - ham roll, a delcious snack.  Here is the recipe as taken from Southbeachdiet.com .

Rolled Ham Slice

Serves 1
1 slice ham
For an easy, portable snack, take one slice of ham and roll it.

While I can't stop laughing I feel sorry for the schmuck who requested they list ingredients and the process for preparing this rolled ham slice.



  1. Oh dear. Oh dear. I can't wait to see the directions for Slice-o-ham. Yumm.

  2. Ha. That is funny. It takes BRILLIANCE to land a job explaining ham rolling.