Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Emotional Journey of Weightloss

I am a huge Biggest Loser fan. I watch it faithfully (if Tivo counts). The one thing I always comment on to my husband is how much everyone cries on the show. I know it is very insensitive of me but with all of the editing some episodes it seems like that is all they do.

Today I left work early because I did not feel so good. My first thought was oh great I won't be able to work out today. I have worked everyday in the past week everyday but 1. Keeping this momentum is very important to me. So my husband suggests that I use the Wii Fit we got for Christmas. Well it has apparently been 15 days since I last used it and it went through all of the weigh in stuff. I have been feeling really good about my progress and the Wii Fit completely took the wind out of my sails. Of course that started me on that whole emotional cycle so I made myself go to the gym. Historically when I go to the gym while I am feeling this way it completely refocuses me. I get to the gym and there was not 1 parking spot. In my grumpy state I think dang these New Years resolutions. SO I get in the car call my husband and have a little break down.

At that moment I realize why people on the BL seem to cry a lot. Weight loss is an emotional journey with lots of good days and bad days. What is the saying? "It is all in the journey?"

So tonight after my youth leader meeting it is off to the gym - another 8:30pm workout.

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