Saturday, January 9, 2010


Are you familiar with that cruise line commercial that talks about the rare sighting of a teenager smiling?  Yeah I thought it was stupid too.  Until my sweet little girl turned into a teenager.  Where oh where did my sweet little girl go?  So if you are wondering why there are never many pictures of AM on here there are two very good reasons. 1) I don't like to put too many of her on the internet 2) they are hard to get.

Here are the Christmas season photo's I captured of AM at different events we attended.  Here is sequence of pictures.

okay here is the final one - I threatned to post these to Facebook and here is the result of my threat.

And this is another event that I used the Facebook threat and it worked fast! ;)

We are doing a family photo shoot next month, hoping to get a few more pictures of her so we remember that she was actually a teenager.

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  1. She is so pretty and also very sweet!
    Good luck with the family photo.