Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Breastfeeding and Adult Beverages

Okay so I am sure I have expressed my discomfort and impatience for my baby to come. I am frankly exhausted and running out of things I can actually do around the house. Sure I have boxes from the flood to unpack but I can't actually move them around. I may look like the epitome of fitness right now, but really I am not, haha! Anyhow all of my discomfort and impatient has lead me to really want an adult beverage once the baby comes. Strangely enough I was at Target the other day and found these breast milk test strips.

Just to clarify I tried breastfeeding with my 3 year old and I just did not produce enough for her. So my plan is already to bottle and breast feed. So for me the drinking option is a little safer because I can always use formula. However, I think these test strips are a great idea. Most woman have friends that can't wait to go out and have a few drinks after the baby comes and this is a great option to make sure the alcohol has cleared your system, especially because everyone metabolizes at a different rate so there is no for sure guideline for everyone. At Target the strips are $19.99 I found a place where they are cheaper but there are only 3 strips in the pack.


  1. Dang- expensive! But what a good idea. = )

  2. I thought they were pricey too! But thought they were pretty cool and decided to share with others.