Monday, April 6, 2009

Paint Swatch Love

I have had set in my mind for months what colors I want to do in the babies room, Magenta and light yellow. Today I went to Lowes to get new paint swatches. I could stand there and stare at the colors ALL DAY LONG!! While I was picking out different shades of pink and yellow I found another color that was beautiful, but it was a lavendar shade, which is not the color I need. The babies bedding is a magenta damask and LD's bedding is a light pink damask. Anyways, I never realized how happy picking paint colors makes me! A small and free outting! Love it!


  1. Yah, Gooner will be here so soon and I haven't yet finished her nursery!

  2. It is such a big decision! I always find if you can narrow down colors and can get the paint on the walls than you can slowly add in the other pieces for the room. I am sure it will be beautiful aftr you are done. I will post pics on Friday.