Thursday, April 2, 2009

Here I am - First Post

My name is Adie. I live in Colorado Springs with my husband and two girls and another girl on the way. I am new to blogging and have decided at the suggestion of some family and friends that blogging would be a great forum to vent....well I guess rant. I love my family, but like most parents I often wonder if I am doing it right and other days I wonder "what the hell"? I care about many issues but I do not like to have political debates. My biggest concern outside of my family is how people treat one another in everyday situations. And my internal conflict is with the balance in my life. Making enough time for each child as an individual, not yelling so much, loving my husband, taking care of the house, and than using the time I have to make sure I am happy as well. It is a busy life, no busier than anyone else. I am just trying to make it out alive, with self sufficient kids and some lifetime happiness.

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