Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Getting Closer

Today I primed and painted the babies room. The colors came out perfectly. I did a light yellow on three walls and a "berry" color on the other wall. I wanted to do block letters on the wall over the beds but I think I have decided to paint a canvas with their names. Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to get everything put together. I need to get the carpet cleaned. So I may go buy a carpet cleaner tomorrow. I have no idea which type I will buy but as long as it gets the floor looking better.

I also had a disappointing day with my 13 year old AM. We have struggled with grades in the past. She just does not get things turned in. She is in a homework class at school which has helped tremendously in the past. Well I just checked her grades and she basically has not turned in any homework. I am so aggravated and disappointed. Usually this class helps us not go through this. I also hate how angry it makes me and how much I yell. I love my daughter but 13 is a tough age.

Another tough topic for the week is finding my bridesmaid dress for my BFFs wedding. So many choices. I want to get it ordered so I know I have time to change my mind if I need too. There are several JCrew dresses that would be awesome, but I can find others that are similar for cheaper. Well I will let you know what I decide. have a great night!

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