Sunday, April 5, 2009

Today was my baby shower. What a day! I am exhausted. It always amazes me at how many great friends I have! My family is also amazing! My sister threw a great party, with mimosas and tea and some snacks. I have heard a lot lately that nobody likes shower games, so my sister decided not to do games. It was a great party and everyone had a great time with socializing and mimosas! Yay!

I number of ladies from my stamp club came today. I was in the hospital the day before stamp club last month so I did not make it to club. They made an adorable lamb card at cub(see below)and they decided to each give me the one they made as my shower card. They are so funny, a lady that is best friends with my grandma who I have known forever could hardly contain herself, she was so pleased with the plan. The card is adorable! Here it is.

I received so many nice gifts. One great personal was my dear friend AW she and her daughter made me a baby book that is a scrap book it is awesome. It has so many great pages in it. I am totally inspired to start a scrapbook for each of my other daughters. Here is a picture of one page.

Now onto the major task of getting the bedroom done, making my thank you cards, announcements, and graduation announcements made. No big deal, the biggest obstacle is getting the room primed. I like to do things my self but being around the primer is not a good thing right now. I want to get it done! I have begun to nest and not just getting things done myself is driving me crazy. There are several other projects I have to work on but this is the big one. One day at a time right?

Well I am heading to bed after a whirlwind of a day, filled with so many wonderful elements.

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