Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Pan-handlers - Part 2

The post on pan-handlers that I just posted was actually something I wrote on Monday. For whatever reason I couldn't bring myself to post it. It seemed so unfinished and than I let it sit for so long it would not save. Anyhow, I went back to the same store and in the same spot was another person with a sign. Again I am huge for helping people out of their situations but with the right tools not a hand out. Yet again today I cried after seeing this person. Granted I am almost 38 weeks pregnant and emotional because I am so uncomfortable and tired. So why such a strong emotional reaction. the girl today looked similar to my younger sister and her sign read that she was a single mom and had lost her job, anything would help. Again I had my groceries but no cash. Do I give her a box of cereal anda jug of milk. I just didn't know once again what to do. I also can't help but wonder about the similiarities in the two different peoples signs. Again I said a prayer for her, so did my husband and my 13 year old. Realistically where they are standing it is not that easy to stop at but all I could think about were here children. I am sorry this has now taken on a 2 post rant, it just was very overwhelming for me. Like this is a sign I need to be doing something else or the lord is speaking to me about my shopping habits. I am not sure what to think.

Tomorrow I will post some card photos, including the Thank You's I made for my sisters wedding and my Christmas cards from this year. Have a great evening! Wish me luck on my paper.

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  1. Oh my- I am sorry you responded so strongly to the pan handler. I think I would too- but I just don't let myself open up to them at all. I just can't. I t hurts too much. But good for you. I will try to remember you next time. I need to do something. My way is not any help to anyone.