Friday, April 3, 2009

Pregnancy - Ding...I am done!

As I sit in bed with ice packs on my feet I realize the time has come - well this baby needs to come. I still have 4 weeks but my body and mind are physically done. Unfortunately everything else is not done. I still need to paint the room and set the crib back up. Clean out our guest room, because after the flood it became a storage unit and my in-laws will be staying in there once the baby is born. I have recently stopped working all but one day a week. Of course I had dreams of grandeur, getting things organized and perfect. In reality what I am able to do is huff and puff my way around the house picking up after everyone, do the dishes, and some laundry. I am huge and my body feels like I have an extra hundred pounds and an extra hundred years on it. Wait when does the pregnancy glamour start?

Another realization I had tonight is I have some serious issues with holding on to things. I keep and buy lots. I have dreams of a simplified house with just necessities and a few fun things. What I have is a ton of used to be fun things and fun things. Nothing seems fun though because I can't figure out where to put it, so it just becomes a chore. I am a stamper so I have boxes and boxes of stamp supplies that I am trying to put back in my stamp closet. I got five boxes put away tonight. In doing so I realized I need to purge because the cabinet is out of room and I still have a good five boxes to put away. This year I came to the conclusion I don't actually have a stamping hobby, I have a shopping habit. So everything I have is barely used. I also have every card I have made at a party, club or camp since 1996. I am sure if you are doing the math right now you can figure how many that might be. The other two items that I collect a lot of are purses and and candles. I get invited to so many candle parties and I say I won't buy - but I'm gonna buy. What is the best strategy to conquering this problem? I think if I were able to purge I would feel a lot less frantic. Have a spot to put everything, nothing looks too cluttered, I could actually use my counter for cooking and my table for eating. I do cook and we do eat at the table every night but again it is a huge chore!

Well I am off to bed - nope I just remembered an unfinished project. Goodnight!

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  1. I'm a week behind you, or two, they all kinda run together now... BUT I DO know that I'm excited for our lil cherub to come! I feel huge and spilled chocolate cake batter on my belly while baking for Mom. Um, sad thing... I didn't realize I'd done it til' AFTER I smeared it on my arm. Sad. Welcome to the world of blogging!-La.