Saturday, April 4, 2009

What a productive day! It feels so good to have accomplished things and throw stuff out! Before I talk about that I must say that after several months of waiting for a refund for my Vera Bradley Christmas purse it finally came. I was finally able to go and replace the purse. I did so with two new ones. I got the new color Bali Gold, I LOVE IT!! Here are the pictures.

Bali Gold, Bucket Tote

Daisy Daisy, Maggie

I am so excited! Today the husband and I went shopping and I loved having my new purse. We finally bought some curtains and new pillows. When we got home we got pretty lazy and took a nap. But this evening we rocked it! We got so much done around the house. I even cleaned out some kitchen cabinets and oiled the outsides. The house looks great. Tomorrow is my baby shower and I am all set!

I have never been a morning person but I have to say my 3 year old LD coming in and saying mommy wake up its morning, is awesome. It is like everyday is Christmas morning for her. My oldest daughter AM was a big help cleaning today and watching LD so the husband and I could run our errands. Nice! I don't ask her often but she is 13 so she is a perfect babysitting age.

All and all it was a great day and a lot was accomplished! Now it is time for bed.

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