Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Fancy Pants

I am playing along with COlorado Desert, whom received the Fancy Pants Award and passed it on. So if you would like to play along please do! Just paste the picture from my blog to yours and than list the reason's you like to blog.

Okay here it goes. I originally started blogging because my husband told me I should write articles, and with the encouragment of my sister and my mom I started my blog. Now I love to blog because there is so much to share! So many things I think about everyday and wonder who has been thinking the same thing. It almost answers the questions "Am I crazy?" "Am I the only one thinking about these things?". Okay so sometimes the answer to both questions is yes, but I am very pleased at how many times the answer is no. On top of that I love all of the new friends I have made!

Thanks Colorado Desert!


  1. No problem! I am glad you love blogging too!

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog and following along!

    Oh, and P.S., I totally have a label maker and I'm obsessed! Good call on that one!