Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tonight I am sitting up again waiting to be able to sleep. I am in the final stretches of my pregnancy and I have to admit I am uncomfortable to say the least. It is interesting to me how nature works. You always hear how animals can sense things but children of all ages can too. I know that there are obvious signs that the baby is coming, like the shear size of me and the crib going back up but my girls are also putting out signs that they know change is coming. My 13 year old is back to her bad study habits and my 3 year old is well 3 on high voltage. I am trying to be delicate and understanding of their feelings but I am a very direct person and usually react better if told a direct problem. As parents we all know that is not how things work so I am trying to maneuver my way around their signals but frankly I am exhausted and don't think I am doing a very good job. Than there is school. I am in 1 of my last 2 classes and have an impossible teacher. he automatically does not give 100's on any assignment. I think this is a ridiculous policy and is really just setting us all up for failure. Not to mention the ambiguity of the assignments. Please give me a clear outline of what you are looking for so I am able to reach your expectations.

Honestly today and this weekend were good I am just feeling a little overwhelmed. We had a nice weekend. Friday night was stamp club. We made an adorable little purse and two great cards. I will post pictures tomorrow. My husband got the crib put up and the bedding on. With the new color of the walls it is absolutely gorgeous, I love it. I just need to find a few accent pieces for the walls. AM is an amazing artist so I may just get canvas' and paints and ask her to do something. We had a very casual Easter Sunday, not hectic and busy as holidays tend to be in my family. Next Saturday we have stamp camp from 10am - 3pm, I am a helper for a few of the projects. With 35 registered guests I am hoping my body can handle it. I will post those projects this Sunday.

Well I am going to attempt to sleep, good night everyone.

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  1. glad you found my blog! When are you due??? I bet you are exhausted chasing a three year old around.. Im tired and dont even have any other kids yet:)hang in there my friend:)