Friday, April 3, 2009

The Plumbers and the Potty Trainer

In December we came home from Christmas vacation to a flood. What a headache. The one bonus was that we got all new carpeting in the lower two floors. Yay! However dealing with all of the contractors involved was such a hassle, it seemed like nobody wanted to work. I kept thinking "this is some recession that nobody needs to work". With all of the contractor craziness I put off getting a plumber. Well I called one plumber recently and before seeing anything he tells me "you have real problems". Instantly I thought I was going to get ripped off. He said a few other shady things to include trying to get me to pay a 50% deposit to schedule the work. So yesterday another plumber came. We had a 10:am appointment, he showed up at 9:15 am. I was not home I was taking my youngest LD to daycare. So 20 minutes after 10:am I called the company to make sure someone was still coming. They let me know that the plumber had already been by the house but she would call him and he would be on his way back. Because of my negative experience with all the other contractors I was instantly annoyed. If we have a 10:am appointment please don't think I will sitting around waiting for you until 10, I have stuff to do, that said don't show up 40 minutes after my appointment. The appointment went well, except I was worried they were going to ruin my new carpet the whole time. The guys that showed up were really nice and the price was less than half of what the other guy wanted to charge, and we got our furnace serviced. I was really happy and relieved after they left.

Later on that night LD wet her pants in the basement on the new carpet. AHHH This is our first "spill" on our new carpet, and I had a feeling this is what it would be. I went into the bathroom the plumbers had "Augured" in - it was a disaster! They had pulled out all of my towels from under the sink and set them on the toilet some had fallen to the floor. The floor had little pieces of black stuff - gross. And under the sink was a dirty wet towel that they had left. I was super excited to get to clean this mess up.

This new discovery made me pretty mad and I kept thinking that had she been able to get to the toilet the accident would not happen. Reality is that LD has just gotten lazy. If she is interested in what she is doing she won't take the time to get up from what she was doing. I am so sick of washing clothes and with a new baby on the way I know things are just going to get worse. Oh well in the scope of problems this really is pretty small.


  1. haha!! I love how your first "spill" was the little one. :o)

  2. I must be honest, I am not REALLY excited about potty training...